Use Wifi File Explorer To Transfer Files Wirelessly Between Android Devices and Computer

This is by far the easiest method I’ve used to transfer files between Android devices and a computer on the same WiFi network.

1.  Download the WiFi File Explorer App to your Android device
2.  Open the app on your Android device
3.  The app will display a web url address  (ex.
4.   Now type in that web url address on your computer in your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc)
5.  It will now display all the files on your Android device (you can either download files to your computer, or upload files to the Android device)
6.  Transfer away!

*note:  for large files, you’ll probably still want to use a usb cable for faster transfers instead of this wireless method.


Buying A Cellphone From Craigslist?

I just purchased my first cell phone from a random person on craigslist and thought I’d share my thoughts…(it was a great experience.  i saved a bunch of money and got to meet someone I never would have)

1.  Why buy a cellphone off craigslist?
a.  you want a new phone, but you’re not eligible for an upgrade yet
b.  you lost your cell phone, and don’t have insurance to help replace it

2.  How much should you expect to pay for a phone off Craigslist?
-for a “Never Used, Brand New In Box (NIB)” phone, you should expect to pay somewhere between 40-60% off the full retail price of the phone

-let’s take for example, the different prices you’d pay for a recently released phone:  HTC Rezound
(prices based off
a.  no contract, full retail price = $739
b.  2 year contract renewal discounted price = $249
c.  craigslist price = ~$350-400

3.  What should you look for in the cell phone ad?
-first, it should go without saying that there are a lot of sketchy people on craigslist, so you need to filter out legitimate ads from shady ones…

-here is an example of a legit sounding ad that I would have no problem buying

HTC Rezound – BRAND NEW SEALED IN BOX – VERIZON – clean ESN – $350 (cerritos, ca) 

I am selling a brand new HTC Rezound (Verizon network)
-it has never been opened or used
-it is still sealed in its original packaging
-the phone has a clean ESN (never been activated, no previous owner)
-the phone was purchased 2 weeks ago and includes the original manufacturer 1 year warranty (I have the receipt if you want a copy).
-local pickup only.

-I have bolded the 2 most important details above to look for in any ad…
a.  you want to buy a brand new phone that hasn’t been used, preferably still in its original packaging (if they don’t have the original packaging, most the time it’s because it’s a lost or stolen phone…which leads to the next point)
b.  you want to ensure the phone has a “clean ESN”  (ESN stands for electronic serial number…a “clean ESN” means a phone that has a clean record on the carrier’s network.  If a phone has been stolen and reported to the carrier, or if the phone has an existing balance with the carrier, the phone is considered not to have a “clean ESN” and cannot be activated, which means you just bought a phone that can’t be used.  So, when you contact the seller, always ask them to provide you with the ESN number (or IMEI number).  The ESN number can almost always be found by removing the battery and looking underneath at a sticker on the phone.  Once you get this number from the seller, just call the carrier and they will verify that it is a “clean ESN” right over the phone.  I usually hate calling the carrier, but this is actually a very fast process, and definitely necessary to make sure you will be able to use the phone.

4.  Where to meet the person?
-meet in a public place like a Starbucks, grocery store, etc.

Verizon Double Data Deal Extended to January 15, 2012 & Where To Buy

ImageIf you’re looking to sign up with Verizon because of the Double Data deal, you have until January 15, 2012 to take advantage of it.  In stores they will try to be vague about it and say that they don’t know when it’s ending and that it’s most likely ending by December 31.  This is just a tactic to get you to sign up now.  It was officially extended by Verizon until January 15.

Verizon phones I’d consider if you’re signing up soon:  Galaxy Nexus, HTC Rezound…or if you can hold out a bit longer and want a 4g qwerty keyboard phone, the Droid 4 should be released in early 2012.   

Places to buy:
Best Buy:  buy here if you aren’t sure which phone you want and think you might want to exchange.  you’ll pay full retail, but the benefit is a 30 day exchange policy if you want to switch to a different phone (no restocking fee)

Amazon:  buy here if you know exactly which phone you want.  you’ll pay significantly reduced prices and get the phone tax free, but you can’t return/exchange it

Costco:  this is a good place to check because sometimes they have exclusive instant rebate discounts in addition to useful bundles.  All of their phones come with a free case, screen protector and car charger, but they also have limited time promotions that give you cool accessories like docks, extra batteries, extra chargers, hdmi cables, etc.   

Verizon store:  the worst place to buy the phone.  you’ll pay full retail, and will have to pay a restocking fee if you want to exchange it for a different phone

Get 10 Premium Android Apps for 10¢ for 10 days! ( = 100 apps total )

The Android Market is celebrating hitting the 10 billion app download by running an awesome promotion.

Everyday, they are offering 10 different apps at the bargain price of 10¢ per app.  This will go on for 10 days, giving you the chance to get a total of 100 premium apps for only $10!

*note:  it looks like Amazon cut the prices on its Android apps to match this offer, so that’s another option if you prefer.

Don’t like the look of the new Gmail? Use the “Compact” setting!

The look of the new Gmail hasn’t been well received by many.  If you want to use the new Gmail, but have the look of the old Gmail, here’s what to do….

1.  click on the “gear” icon (not the tiny one in the very upper right…there’s a larger one below that)
2.  click on “compact

*it’s not exactly the same as before, but close enough…and actually, the new look is growing on me…feels cleaner.
*note:  for now, you also have the option of clicking on “revert to the old look temporarily”, but as this indicates, it’s just temporary.  you’re going to get shifted over to the new gmail at some point whether you like it or not.

iPhone tip: Use the volume+ button on your earphone headset to take a picture

You probably already know that if your iPhone is running iOS 5, you can finally use the volume+ button to take a picture while in the camera app.

However, Lifehacker shares an awesome extension to this function…

You can use your “Apple Remote Earphones” (that came with your iPhone) which also have a volume+ button to take a picture from further away!  Awesome for when you need to take a picture from further than arm’s length away!  They also mention that you may be able to use this trick with bluetooth headsets as well, depending on your device.

Asus Transformer Prime Available For Pre-order NOW!!!

The Asus Transformer Prime just became available for pre-order today on Amazon.  Based on how popular the original Asus Transformer tablet was, I can imagine this being a difficult item to find, especially around the holidays.  Hopefully Asus makes enough of these to keep up with the demand!  Either way, I’d pre-order now if you’re interested.  I think the only hard decision to make is which color to choose from:  Amethyst Grey or Champagne!!!

32 GB = $492.90
64 GB = $584.22

(I got the 32 GB one in Amethyst Grey.  You can always expand more with micro SD cards)

(oh and remember, the optional keyboard dock comes separately, and is listed as $149 retail)