Where I’ve Been…

I’ve gotten some messages about where I’ve been because my postings have become much less frequent since the beginning of the year…so I just wanted to let you guys know what’s going on.  Since I started using google+, I’ve just found it to be such a convenient method for sharing information.  Subsequently, for all the small things that I thought were interesting that I used to post about on the blog, I now just post on my google+.  So if you’d like to see those things, just add me to one of your circles on google+.  You can find me under “yukisays”.  To be honest, with the advent of google+ and other social networking sites, I’ve been wondering what the impact will be on personal blogs.  For me, the effect has been that I now only feel like using a blog to write posts that are lengthy or of more significance.  Everything else just goes on google+.


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