Using a Verizon HTC Rezound Internationally In Taiwan

Yes – you can use a Verizon HTC Rezound globally on GSM networks, even though it is only advertised as a CDMA phone.  Here are the exact steps I took when taking my HTC Rezound abroad to Taiwan.

1.  call Verizon and suspend your account without billing  (you can do this for 6 months during a 1 year period)
2.  go to Taiwan
3.  buy SIM card from Taiwan Mobile
-SIM Card will cost ~300 NT (~$10 U.S.) – you get to use this 300 NT as credit for making calls/texts
-adding a voice + unlimited data plan costs ~1500 NT (~$50 U.S.)
4.  remove SIM card from HTC Rezound
5.  insert Taiwan Mobile SIM card
6.  turn on phone
*note:  you will see that the phone has no signal (voice or data)
7.  open the phone dialer and enter “*#*#4636#*#*

8.  this will open a screen titled “Phone Info”…scroll down until you see “Set preferred network type:”.  Tap on the drop down box and select “WCDMA preferred”

*note:  you will see that the phone will get voice signal immediately and you can place and receive calls, and you can receive texts, but you don’t have data capabilities, and you can’t send texts

9.   to get data, follow these steps –> from the home screen:  menu button > settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > menu button > + New APN > enter the following info in this “Edit access point” screen

9a.  Name
-type in “TW – Taiwan Mobile Web
9b.  APN
-type in “Internet
9c.  Authentication type
-select “PAP
9d.  APN type
-type in “default,mms

*you now will have data capabilities (there is no 4G LTE in Taiwan yet, so it’s just a 3G connection, but hey don’t be picky!)  I can receive SMS texts, but can’t send texts.  But you have to pay per text message you send, so I would just use a messaging app that works over the unlimited data plan (ex.  whatsapp, wechat, etc) instead of actual SMS texting

*special thanks to XDA developers (
*special thanks to i rule123
*special thanks to kirasama1014
-I could not have been able to get this working without their help.  the android dev community is so awesome!!!


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