DropBox New Automatic Photo/Video Uploading Feature Is Awesome (new/old users can get up to 4.5GB extra free space for trying)

I signed up for DropBox a while back, but never found a reason to use it on a regular basis.  That all changed recently when DropBox released an update to their Android app with the beta feature of automatic photo/video uploading.

Once you download it from the Android Market, it’s just a couple clicks to get started and your phone is set to automatically upload photos/videos to your DropBox account which can also sync with your computer if you choose.

The best part is that for a limited time, DropBox is offering up to 4.5GB of extra free space just for testing out this new feature.

?:  you might be asking, what about the automatic uploading of photos to google+/picasa?  Great question.  I still have my phone set to automatically upload photos/videos to google+/picasa, but remember that the resolution of those pics is capped at 2048×1536.  This was fine for my last phone because it was only 5 megapixels so the resolution didn’t exceed that limit.  However, my current phone is 8 megapixels and the max resolution is 3264×1840, so the automatically uploaded photos wouldn’t be in full resolution.  If google decides to allow higher res photos for automatic uploading, then I probably won’t need another service.  But for now, I’ll be using DropBox to make sure all my photos are backed up in full res.

?:  why not just use DropBox and forget google+ entirely?  Another good question.  I still like to have photos automatically upload to google+ because it makes sharing photos so easy.  I’m just using DropBox as a photo backup utility and not as a sharing tool.

*here’s some more info on how to get the 4.5gb of free storage


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