HTZ Rezound: Quick List of Pros & Cons

Just spent my 2nd day with the Rezound and wanted to share a brief list of pros and cons with you guys…I love it so far, despite some minor annoyances

-very impressive screen
camera takes great pictures (focuses quickly and even good in lower light situations with flash)
removable battery
removable micro SD card
-very responsive
-very comfortable to hold  (it’s actually much slimmer feeling and looking than I remember…also love the textured surface on the back of the phone)
-3g seems plenty fast for normal things, but 4g LTE is unbelievably fast for tethering, uploading a bunch of pics, streaming netflix (plus using voice and data at the same time has proven useful many times already)
Beats Audio sound profile  (gives your music a much deeper, “bass-ier” sound.  I’m not sure, but I think the Beats Audio profile only applies to when you are using the stock music player app, and it doesn’t apply to the actual cell phone speaker, just the audio out jack.
flashing indicator light on the front to inform you of incoming messages, emails, missed calls, etc

HTC user interface

-not a fan of HTC Sense user interface (but just download an alternate launcher like Go Launcher or Espier Launcher, and that problem goes away)

-the power button is hard to press for 2 reasons (1.  the button is flush with the top of the phone making it hard to press, 2. it’s on the top right of the phone which is a good position for left handers, but difficult for right handers)
-the volume keys also don’t give a satisfying click because they are too flush with the case (so it’s hard to know if you’re pressing them)
-the charging connector is on the left side of the phone towards the bottom…it’s just an awkward place to put it.  it makes it so that you can’t hold the phone properly to text message while charging the phone…also, if you have headphones plugged in while charging, you have 2 cables sticking out of the phone in different directions.
-the “home” button is on the far left in this order (  HOME  |  MENU  |  BACK  |  SEARCH )…it doesn’t make any sense to put the most frequently used button the farthest away.  it should be placed 2nd from the left.  (there might be a way to remap these, but most ppl won’t go through that trouble)
micro sd card slot is underneath the battery (so you need to take the battery out if you want to access the micro sd)
no dedicated camera shutter button (although I don’t know of any high end phone that has one these days unfortunately)
-screen is not made out of gorilla glass (I was hoping my next phone would have gorilla glass so I wouldn’t need a screen protector)


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