Verizon Double Data Deal Extended to January 15, 2012 & Where To Buy

ImageIf you’re looking to sign up with Verizon because of the Double Data deal, you have until January 15, 2012 to take advantage of it.  In stores they will try to be vague about it and say that they don’t know when it’s ending and that it’s most likely ending by December 31.  This is just a tactic to get you to sign up now.  It was officially extended by Verizon until January 15.

Verizon phones I’d consider if you’re signing up soon:  Galaxy Nexus, HTC Rezound…or if you can hold out a bit longer and want a 4g qwerty keyboard phone, the Droid 4 should be released in early 2012.   

Places to buy:
Best Buy:  buy here if you aren’t sure which phone you want and think you might want to exchange.  you’ll pay full retail, but the benefit is a 30 day exchange policy if you want to switch to a different phone (no restocking fee)

Amazon:  buy here if you know exactly which phone you want.  you’ll pay significantly reduced prices and get the phone tax free, but you can’t return/exchange it

Costco:  this is a good place to check because sometimes they have exclusive instant rebate discounts in addition to useful bundles.  All of their phones come with a free case, screen protector and car charger, but they also have limited time promotions that give you cool accessories like docks, extra batteries, extra chargers, hdmi cables, etc.   

Verizon store:  the worst place to buy the phone.  you’ll pay full retail, and will have to pay a restocking fee if you want to exchange it for a different phone


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