Rooting Vs. Jailbreaking

I was reading an article on Gizmodo about whether you should root a Kindle Fire, and one of the user comments was interesting to me.

The terms “rooting” and “jailbreaking” are often used interchangeably when talking about hacking an Android or Apple device to unlock additional features.  However, you usually hear “rooting” associated with Android devices and “jailbreaking” associated with Apple devices.  But why?  Is there a difference?

User monkeybusiness had this to say…

“Jailbreaking is a process used on iOS devices wherein a security exploit is used to modify system files to allow unsigned code to run on the iOS device.

Rooting is a process used on Android devices where a security exploit is used to enable certain applications with “superuser”, or root, levels of access.

Essentially, Jailbreaking is smashing through Apple’s security to let you do what you want. Rooting is just enabling something that’s already in the OS, but disabled by default.”

*note:  if my sister read this, she would immediately respond with “THAT MEANS NOTHING TO ME,” which wouldn’t be an uncommon response to something like this.  but i just thought the subtle difference was interesting and we can understand how to use each term appropriately.

*funny story about my sister:  back in the early 2000s, I went shopping with my sister to buy her a new computer.  When asking her which computer she wanted, she pointed to this lower end computer that I would never have recommended to her.  I asked her why she liked that one so much, and her reply was:  “I really like the pretty background on the screen.”  (this was that one wallpaper on windows xp of the fall season colors)  I love my sister.  =)


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