Favorite things from the Google | Samsung event today (New Nexus Phone & Android 4.0)

1.  galaxy nexus phone coming to verizon!!!

-4.65″ 1280×720 screen (sounds huge, but supposedly has a tiny bezel so “the phone won’t feel any bigger in your hand”
-1.2ghz dual core processor (aka “super fast”)
-the back has a soft grip textured surface
-camera (zero shutter lag, face detection, panorama mode, 1080p video, time lapse)
-removable battery
*cons:  no microSD card slot, no dedicated camera button, 5megapixel camera instead of 8 – not sure if the # megapixels matters though.


2.  screen capture (just hit power + volume)
3.  new camera app
4.  new gallery (editing tools like filters, red eye removal, etc)
5.  improved notifications / app management (flick away notifications or apps that you’re done with)
6.  improved speech to text
7.  improved copy/paste
8.  face unlock
9.  improved gmail (ex. offline gmail search, new look)
10.  improved calendar (swipe from one day to next, pinch to zoom)
11.  improved contacts (a much fresher look)
12.  improved browser (tabbed browsing, request desktop version, sync bookmarks with chrome, save pages for offline reading)
13.  sharing with Android Beam (tap 2 android devices together and transfer apps, photos, maps, websites, etc)
14.  easier to make/manage folders on homescreen
15.  resizable widgets
16.  improved keyboard (inline spell-checker…just tape a word and choose from a suggestions list)


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