Beautiful Widgets Android App Is Free For A Limited Time

The Beautiful Widgets Android App is pretty self explanatory in what it does.  It provides you with beautiful looking widgets for your Android homescreens.  This app is most widely known for it’s great weather, clock/calendar widgets, but it also comes with a bunch of other useful “toggle” widgets to give you quick access to “brightness, wifi, gps, silent, vibrate, 4G, rotate, etc”.  One of my personal favorites is “rotate” because it locks the phone in either portrait or landscape mode.  You’ll know the usefulness of this if you’ve ever been lying on your side trying to read something in portrait mode and it keeps switching to landscape on  you.

This app is normally $2.99 but you can get it through GetJar for FREE for a limited time.
*A quick note about GetJar in case you haven’t used it:  GetJar is an app you download and it acts as an alternative marketplace for downloading apps instead of going to the official Android Market.  (similar to Amazon’s Android App Store).

How to get it…
1.  on your computer, go to
2.  it will ask you to specify your Android device
3.  in the search box in the upper right, search for “beautiful widgets”
4.  from the search results, click on “beautiful widgets”
5.  then click “download”
6.  follow the onscreen instructions from there (it will ask  you to use your phone to go to to download the getjar app if you don’t already have it installed)


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