Using Your Sprint Phone Internationally

Here’s what you need to know if you are planning on travelling to Canada or internationally with your Sprint phone..

If you don’t set up anything with Sprint and just go to Canada…
-voice is $0.59 a minute
-texting is $0.20 a message to send/receive (remember, if you are sending to multiple recipients it counts as multiple messages)
-data is $4/mb (or maybe more, not sure about this one)

If you set up a canada roaming plan

-canada roaming add on:  $2.99/month  (or $0.10 a day if you specify the exact dates of your travel)
-voice is $0.20 a minute (whether you are calling to canada or u.s. or anywhere in the world)
-texting is free if you have an unlimited plan (standard rates apply if you don’t)
-data = $4/mb
*If you are planning on traveling to other places in the world, Sprint has a “worldwide plan”…it costs $4.99 a month and you’ll have to consult Sprint to see how much voice, text and data is depending on the country you are going to.

Here’s what I’m doing when I go…
1.  I called 888-226-7212:  sprint international dept, and had them apply canada roaming for a 6 day period (at 10 cents a day, my total charge was 60 cents)
2.  Right before getting on the plane, I am turning my data OFF…here’s how to turn it off on an Android device…

  • from the home screen…touch “menu” > “settings” > “wireless and networks” > uncheck the “data roaming”  box
  • note:  if you wait until after you get off the plane, then when you turn your phone on in Canada, it will immediately start using data (to check email, update weather, etc).  so make sure you do this before you leave for Canada.

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