Picasa 3 (Tips for dragging and dropping on Mac)

For some reason, Picasa Desktop software doesn’t allow you to drag photos from Picasa and drop them to other applications or folders.  A pretty big nuisance really.  iPhoto has allowed this kind of functionality for over a year now. Get your act together Google!  In any case, here’s some workarounds for this problem.  Use whichever works best for you while we wait for an official fix from Google.

option #1.  select one or multiple files in Picasa > right click > select “open file” > this will open the pictures in Preview and you can drag them from Preview to wherever you want (into your emails, a folder, powerpoint presentation, etc).

option #2.  select one or multiple files in Picasa > click on “File” in the upper left > “Export Picture to Folder” > specify what folder you want > click Export

Neither of these options are great, but I think it’s the best we’ve got for now.

*note:  I’m not sure if this problem is Mac only.  Any of you able to drag & drop directly on a Windows PC?

2 responses to this post.

  1. File handling and operations in Picasa are pretty much “shit”
    If they were as they should be (see Adobe bridge) Picasa would be really the only photo editor you would need
    iPhoto, although allowing to drag&drop is risky as you never know where it is going to put your files…and good luck once your database is corrupted 😦
    So, c’mon guys at Google, do the right thing! Get us file operations from within PICASA!!!
    Version 3.9 is almost 4.xxx 😉
    Let’s hope
    Cheers and happy new year 😀


  2. Posted by Bruce on June 4, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Option 3, which I use all the time, is right click the photo in library view and select “show in finder” or if the photo is open, select “locate on disk” and drag from there. I totally agree with the other reply, iphoto is difficult because of its habit of moving your photos around. Drag and drop from Picasa to another application such as Keynote or Power Point would be very useful


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