The Golden Age of Netflix Is Over…

The golden age of Netflix seems to be over…3 significant changes are happening or have already happened at Netflix which makes us ask whether the service is even worth it anymore…

1.  Plan changes / Price increases  
2.  Starz content no longer available  (this ends February 28, 2012…this is a huge portion of Netflix’s streaming movie collection, so watch as much as you can before the content runs dry!…another downer is that Showtime also pulled some of its content from Netflix as well)
3.   Netflix unlimited streaming is now being limited (The number of computers/devices you can stream to at one time now depends on your plan.  If you have just the streaming plan or one-dvd at a time plan, then you can only stream to one device at a time.  If you have a two-dvd at a time plan, then you can stream to two devices at a time, and so on.  To be fair, this has always been part of Netflix’s terms of service, but it is only being enforced now.  It was fun while it lasted Jbek!  The silver lining to this is that studios may be more inclined to make content available on Netflix with the more stringent policies in place.

So is Netflix still worth it?  Despite the plan changes, price increases, and limits on streaming, Netflix is still a great service.  However, what makes it a great service up to this point has been its content.  I recently signed up for Amazon Prime ($39/year for students, $79 for non-students) for the free 2 day shipping and access to its “Watch Instantly” streaming video collection, but the interface isn’t as nice as Netflix, and the content is really lacking by comparison.  Netflix maintaining its worth to its customers will really depend on securing more content…because as soon as Amazon can bolster its video collection, Netflix will  have some serious competition.  Here’s hoping that Amazon secures the deal for Hulu!


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