Verizon Unlimited Data Ending On July 7…Sign up, then suspend the contract.

Verizon is killing it’s unlimited data plan on July 7.  After that it’ll be moving to a tiered pricing structure where you’ll pay by megabyte usage.  So if you think you’re ever going to be interested in using your phone for tethering, netflix, hulu, or any other data heavy application on Verizon, you better sign up now.

You might be thinking, well I still have some time left on my existing contract on another carrier…I can’t switch right now.  Well here’s an option I just discussed with the people at Verizon.

Sign up for a contract to get the unlimited data locked in.  Then immediately suspend your account.  You are allowed to suspend your account for 6 months out of a 12 month period (the fee to do this is $30).  Hopefully these 6 months will give you enough time to finish out the remainder of your existing contract, or find some way of weaseling out of it. =)

A note on pricing:
The cheapest voice plan is $59/month for 450 minutes.  Unlimited data is $30/month.  Texting is extra depending on how many you want.

The cheapest family plan is $79/month for 450 shared minutes for 2 lines.  Each additional line is $10.  Unlimited texting is $30 for everyone on the family plan.

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