Get Hulu On Your Android Device

In addition to Netflix, there’s been a lot of requests for how to get Hulu to work on Android devices (especially the Nook Color).

If you go to and try to play a video, you’ll notice that it says “Hulu is not currently supported on this device.”

The steps below are how to bypass this to trick hulu into running on your Android device.

1.  If you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your Android device, you need to uninstall it (menu > settings > applications > manage applications > Adobe Flash Player > uninstall)
2.  From your Android browser, download this modified version of Adobe Flash Player.  It will ask you to install the application…do it.
3.  Install Dolphin Browser HD onto your Android device
4.  Open Dolphin Browser HD > menu > more > settings > user agent > desktop
5a.  Go to
5b.  Click on any video you want to play.
5c.  It will say “Loading” and then start playing.  (It will be super choppy!  Don’t worry, that’ll be fixed in a second)
5d.  Turn the Nook Color horizontally into landscape mode.
5d.  Let the first advertisement finish playing.  The show will resume and still be super choppy.
5e.  Tap on the video to pause it…you’ll see a couple icons appear at the lower right of the video…one of them looks like a gear…click on it…

5f.  Select “288p” > update

6.  That’s it!  Have fun watching!

Here’s the source link for where I got this info if you want more details.
*note that this may not work with all Android devices.  I’ve tested that it works on a NookColor and Samsung Epic 4g.  please leave a comment if you try it and it does or doesn’t work on your device!

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Derrick on April 5, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    LMAO – that is EXACTLY the reason I am trying to do this, Netflix got rid of over 100 episodes of Naruto last week. I hope this works.


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