Apple Back To School Promo – No iPod/iPad, Instead Just a $100 iTunes Credit

Yes you read that correctly…

Around this time every year, Apple has traditionally offered an awesome back to school promo where they give greatly discounted or free iPods with the purchase of any Mac computer.  Many also speculated that this year might even bring a more tantalizing option…discounted iPads!  However, Apple just released their promo for this year, and it  hasn’t gotten any better or even stayed the same.  It’s actually gotten worse.  Now all you get is a $100 iTunes credit.  Don’t get me wrong, a free $100 credit is much better than nothing, but I can’t really make good use out of it.  I don’t ever buy anything off of iTunes.  Plus, for those of us on a budget (ex. students who this promo is for!), the free iPod has been a nice way of offsetting the inflated price of Apple computers.  A free $200 iPod touch would easily sell for ~$165 on Craigslist, which would mean you got your new Apple computer for a very reasonable price.  Now you just get $100 in iTunes credit that has to go back to Apple no matter what.  Yet another great business move for Apple, but another perk that has been taken away from the student customer.  I really hope this is some kind of practical joke and the real promo is coming out soon.

The silver lining…
1.  you can still get the free $100 printer like always.
2.  for those of use who don’t ever buy anything off of iTunes, we probably will eventually because Apple is releasing future updates to Mac OS (ex.  OS 10.7 Lion) through the iTunes/Mac App store.

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