Online Privacy Tricks

Lifehacker has 10 handy tips for helping keep your online identity/passwords private.  You can check the entire list out for yourself, but the ones I use are…

never input your home address into your gps unit:  use a local landmark or street intersection as your home address so that if it ever falls into the wrong hands, they won’t know where you live.
use a fake birthday for web signups:  maybe i’m paranoid, but with the amount of credit card fraud and identity theft, the less people that know my real birthday, the better
use secure passwords:  there are many tricks for creating a secure password…here’s one…think of an easy word to remember…then just shift each letter one key to the left…for example, if your word was “hello”…then you’re secure password would be “gwkki”.  that way you can use an easy to remember word to generate a hard to crack gibberish password.
make security questions more secure:   most sites will have default security questions for you to answer in case you forget your actual password.  the problem is that they are really easy questions like “what is your pet’s name?”, so anyone that knows you can probably crack those questions.  So make those questions more secure by assigning different answers to those questions.  For example, if it asks you “what is your pet’s name?”, instead of using your pet’s name as the answer, you can use your grandma’s name.



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