Wireless Hard Drives For Android & iOS Devices

What good is a wireless hard drive?

It allows you to store a ton of movies, music, and pictures on it and then access it on your Android or iOS device (you can also access it via a computer, but the real benefit is with our mobile devices with limited storage/USB ports).

Up until now, we’ve had a couple options for increasing your storage…
-for Android:  buy additional/larger microSD cards
-for Apple:  buy a higher capacity iOS device (ex. 16gb, 32gb, 64gb)

Android devices come with the perk of expandable storage via SD or microSD cards, but microSD cards especially, are still a bit on the pricey side (ex.  16gb/$30).

For  Apple devices, you are always confronted with the grueling decision of which size device to get at time of purchase because they aren’t expandable.  (Ex.  do I get the 16gb/$499, 32gb/$599, or 64gb/$699 iPad).  Those are pretty hefty price tags associated with each increase in storage capacity.

The bottom line is that  on Android or Apple devices, storage can be filled up  pretty quick with tv shows, movies, and music, and it becomes a hassle to keep deleting files to make room for new ones.

Now with wireless hard drives like the Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage hard drives, you can get up to 500gb/$199.  If you compare this to a similar 2.5″ portable hard drive (500gb/~$50) that we plug into our computers via USB, then these wireless hard drives are significantly more expensive.  However, this added cost can be well worth it considering that it can add such a huge amount of storage to our mobile devices which don’t usually have ports to connect external hard drives to.

Let’s do the math for an iPad…

You can either get …

the least expensive iPad + a wireless hard drive…
16gb iPad/$499 + 500gb wireless hard drive/$199 = 516gb for  ~$700

OR the most expensive iPad…
64gb iPad/$699 = 64gb for ~$700

The option seems pretty clear to me!

*there are obviously perks to getting more internal storage (vs. external storage) like not having to carry a hard drive around, less battery usage, etc…but if your issue is that you want a ton of storage accessibly by a mobile device, then Seagate has just proposed an awesome alternative to buying pricey microSD cards or getting gouged by Apple on their expensive tiered storage options.


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