More Nook Color Goodness

If you’re like me, then you probably bought a Nook Color, rooted it with AutoNooter, and have been perfectly content with this already awesome Nook Color Android Tablet (which runs Eclair/Android 2.1 software).

However, several hacks are available to spruce up your Nook Color even more now.  Here are some of the options to consider.

1.  install FroYo/Android 2.2
-brings support for more apps (ex.  Flash)
-your gmail contacts are now accessible
-better softkeys implementation than on Android 2.1
-touchscreen is more responsive (especially at edges)
*I’m sticking with this one for now until either Android 2.3 or 3.0 is a little more stable.

2.  install Gingerbread / Android 2.3
-brings bluetooth support for wireless keyboards, headsets, etc.
-your gmail contacts are now accessible
-nicer interface, but a little slower and buggier than FroYo/Android 2.2

3.  install Honeycomb / Android 3.0
-this is Google’s latest tablet operating system (as seen on the Motorola Xoom)
-cool new interface, but is still a little buggy (not all apps will work, and you’ll get force closes on other apps)

!:  Before you do any of these upgrades though,  I’d recommend to make a backup of your current system in case you want to revert back.  Backing up your system is made easy with an application called ClockworkMod Recovery that you can download from the Android Market.  Either click on the link, or search the market for “Clockwork”…The official name on the market is “ROM Manager”, but whenever you read about it on websites, it’s referred to as ClockworkMod Recovery.

I have listed the links below as a reference for how to explore any of the above options, including a method for how to restore your nook color back to stock…

install honeycomb/android 3.0
restore nook color back to stock

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