Gmail: How To Remote Sign Out If You Left Your Gmail Open On Another Computer

This feature has been out for a while, but I got a question about this recently so I thought I’d post the How To just in case.

If you suspect you left your gmail open on a public computer, or you’re just trying to make sure that stalker isn’t secretly logging into your gmail, here’s how to check if your account is open on any other computers and how to sign out if necessary.

1.  log in to gmail
2.  check the bottom of the screen…you’ll see some text down there that looks like this…

3.  look to see if it says “This account is open in 1 other location.”  That’s your cue that you either left your gmail open, or someone else hacked your account and it’s time to change passwords.
4.  click on “Details”.  it will open a window that looks like this…

5.   Click on “Sign out all other sessions


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