How To Let Anyone Send Files To Your Dropbox: 2 Great Solutions.

1.  Send To Dropbox (email based)
-sign up to get a unique email address that’s associated with your Dropbox account.
-anyone can send files to it and it’ll sync with all your Dropbox enabled devices.

2.  Dropbox Forms (web link based)
-authorize this site access to your Dropbox account
-it will give you a unique website address that you can give out or post anywhere online. Anyone can click on the link and it will take them to a web interface to upload files to your Dropbox account.

*note:  option #2 sounds more complicated than the 1st option, but it is actually quite convenient when you think about it.  you can post a link in your gchat status, facebook page, etc where people know to find you (instead of them having to remember a unique email address)

(this one’s for you Ryan!)


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