Setup ADB On Your Computer To Have Full Access To Your Nook Color

1st, what is ADB?
-ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge.
-it is software you install on your computer that gives you complete access to an Android device when it’s plugged into the computer

What do you use ADB for?
-you will find a number of uses for ADB on the web.  so far, I have used it for the following purposes:
1.  installing a file on my Nook Color to enable the Nook Color to get Wi-Fi access from an Android phone or iPhones
2.  adjusting a setting on my Nook Color to increase battery life

Continue Reading For How To Install ADB

(these instructions were used to install ADB on a computer running Windows 7)

0.  nook should not be plugged into computer
1.  download:  this install file
2a.  open that downloaded file to install adb
2b.  make sure destination folder is C:\
2c.  click “install”…click “yes”

3a.  plug in nook color
3b.  install drivers for nook color on computer by following the steps below…
3c.  click “start” button –> right click “computer” –>  click “manage”
3d.  click on “device manager”
3e.  on the right hand side, you’ll see “other devices” and underneath that you’ll see “nook”
3f.  right click on “nook” –> click on “update driver software” –> click on “browse my computer for driver software”
3g.  make sure iit says C:\android-sdk-windows & also that the “include subfolders” check box is checked
3h.  click “next”
3i.  click “install anyway”
3j.  once install completes, click “close”

4a.  click on “start” button
4b.  type in “command prompt” & press enter
4c.  type in “adb devices” and press enter –> it will display a # that is your nook’s serial #
4d.  type in “adb reboot” and press enter –> if you see your nook reboot, this confirms that you have installed adb correctly and have communication with the nook

That’s it!

*if you’d like to see a video of these steps in action, you can click here


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