The Great Gmail Outage of 2011

Before we get hysterical and  start printing out all our emails for safe keeping, let’s recap and update ourselves on this Gmail outage that everyone is talking about…

-initial reports indicated 0.29% of Gmail users were affected by a bug that wiped out their inboxes
-later reports indicated the number at 0.08%
-current reports indicate the number at 0.02%  (roughly 40,0000 people)
the bad news:  those 40,000 ppl will be without their emails for an indeterminate amount of time
the good news:  all the data is safe & in the process of being restored.

So while this does serve as a humbling reminder that all companies can and will experience glitches now and then, we can at least rest easy knowing that Google had backup measures in place…and hey if you don’t want to be caught without access to your emails (like those poor 40,000 people), remember that you can always keep offline copies of all your emails using an email client like Mail, Outlook, or even via Gmail’s offline mail feature via Google Gears.


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