Prevent The Nook Color 1.1.0 Update From Breaking Your Root

If you rooted a Nook Color that was running the 1.0.1 software like I did, then you’ll want to make sure to block Barnes and Noble from automatically updating you to 1.1.0.

Why?  While 1.1.0 brings some improvements in Wi-Fi, and pinch to zoom to the native browser, it will also break your root.

Here’s how you can prevent your Nook Color from receiving the automatic 1.1.0 update.

1.  Download this file  build.prop-1.1.0
2.  Copy the file to your Nook Color
3.  Use a file manager (ex.  Super Manager or Root Explorer) to copy the build.prop-1.1.0 file to the “system” folder on the Nook  (I use Super Manager because it is free…you can’t use other file managers like Astro, because they don’t have adequate access to files on the Nook that we need)
4a.  Inside the “system” folder, you will find the build.prop-1.1.0 file that you just copied into there, and you will aslo find a file named “build.prop”
4b.  rename the “build.prop” file to “build.prop_old”
4c.  rename the “build.prop-1.1.0” to “build.prop”
5.  Shut down the Nook (power it off completely)
6.  Turn it back on
7.  You will see a little green “n” icon in the lower left saying that your Nook has been updated to 1.1.0.
*note:  your Nook HAS NOT been updated to 1.1.0.  You have just tricked it into thinking it is so that it won’t download the automatic 1.1.0 update when Barnes & Noble sends it out.  So even though it says you have 1.1.0, you don’t.  Although you don’t have pinch to zoom, you still have an intact 1.0.1 with an intact root.  Yay!

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