My Gear: Extra Cell Phone Batteries (+ Wall Charger) For Samsung Galaxy S

Got a Samsung Galaxy S phone?  Here’s a deal on 2 extra batteries & a wall charger.  I use these in my Samsung Epic 4G, but they should be perfectly compatible with all the Galaxy S phones (Vibrant, Fascinate, Captivate).

Why buy extra batteries?

I generally make it through the day without having to charge my phone, but it’s always comforting to have an extra battery as a backup.  That way you never feel like you have to conserve battery, and you’re free to take as many pics, play as many rounds of angry birds, or watch as many youtube videos as your heart desires.

The sweet thing about this deal is that it also comes with a wall charger, so you can charge the batteries independently of the phone.  What I do is, whenever the battery in my phone is running low, I just swap it with the one in the charger, and I’m good to go again.  By the time the battery drains again, the battery I left in the charger is ready for action.  And worst case scenario, if I somehow burn through 2 batteries, I have that 3rd one as a spare!!!

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