Android App: Samba (How To Access Your Android Device’s SD Card Over WiFi)

Sick of plugging in your Android device into your computer via USB cable to transfer stuff to/from the SD Card?

Now you can transfer files wirelessly using the app Samba Filesharing!

How to use…
1.  download Samba
2.  open Samba on your Android device
3.  connect to your home wireless network (if you aren’t already)
4a.  hit the “menu” button > then “settings” > then “password” > (enter a password that you want to use to access your device)
4b.  (optional) below “password” you can hit “username” and come up with a name for your SD card
5a.  go back to the main Samba window

5b.  hit the “menu” button > then “enable“…a screen like this will show up…
5c.  see that “” number?  the number on your screen will be DIFFERENT, but make a note of it.  you’re going to use that in a second.

6a.  Mac OS:  open Finder > press “apple + k“…this will open a “connect to server” window like this…
6b.  in that “Server Address” box, you’ll want to type in “smb://”   (insert your # in place of the  your # will be different, but the smb:// will be the same)
6c.  click “Connect

7.  you will now see your sd card in your Finder window

8.  transfer files to your heart’s content!


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