How To Root Samsung Epic 4G (AND enable wifi tethering)

I’ve been putting off rooting my Samsung Epic for a while now because the Android 2.2 FroYo update was supposed to be just right around the corner.  It was first promised to come by November, then by December, but here it is almost the end of January and still no sign of it.  So I decided to just go ahead and root it today to take control of the device.  It was super simple.  Here’s how you can do it too…

Instructions for Mac users:
1.   download this zip file:
2. if the zip file didn’t automatically save to the “Downloads” folder, move it there now
3.   extract the zip file
4a.   open the Terminal application
4b.  type:  cd ~/Downloads/epic.aio.v2.04 (hit enter key)
4c.  type:  chmod +x (hit enter key)
4d.  type:  ./ (hit enter key)
*this will bring up a menu of choices.  it will ask you to select one of the number choices.

5.  type:  1 (this is the option for Simple One Click Root)
*the rooting process has started…just wait for a couple minutes…your phone will restart on its own, and when it turns back on it will be rooted!
*note:  if nothing happens for 5+ minutes, quit the Terminal application, turn the phone off and then back on, and then start from step 4a again…(don’t worry if this happens.  this happened to me and I had to repeat this process before I got it to work)
*your phone is now rooted at this point

*the list of menu choices will come up again, and you are free to select any of those options that you’d like.  My main reason for rooting was to enable wifi tethering, so that was my next step.
6.  type:  4 (this is the option for Install Wireless Tether)
7.  enjoy your newly rooted phone with wireless tethering!
8.  you can now download custom ROMs, uninstall carrier bloatware, or whatever else you’d like to do with your rooted phone!  Congratulations!

*note:  all credit for this process goes to the awesome people at the xda forums.  i just tried to document some of the small details here on what the process was like for me.  for additional information or instructions on how to do this on a Windows or Linux computer, please refer to the original thread where this information was  gathered.

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