Gmail Now Has “Photos” As A Main Link At The Top (Replaces “Reader”)

I have been waiting for this change for a LONG time.  Well, not really for me, but for my mom who uses Picasa. Before today, in order to get to her Picasa Photo Albums, she would have to click the “More” tab, and then click on “Photos.”  You might be wondering why that’s a big deal since it was only 2 clicks away before.  It’s because most non tech-savvy people, like my mom and dad, (although they are rapidly catching up!) need to be able to see something easily and click on it.  If something is hidden in a menu, like “Photos” was before, then they often will forget it’s there and get frustrated trying to find it.

Why am I posting about this today?

Because it seems like there’s a considerable amount of people who are upset about this.
There used to be a link called “Reader” at the top that “Photos” has switched places with.  So “Photos” is now a main link, and “Reader” is now under the “More” tab.  “Reader” is a great tool (subsequent post coming), but most people don’t use it or are even aware of what it does.  The majority of people who use “Reader” I would think are pretty tech savvy.  These are the people who will be bugged by having to click for something in a sub menu, but will still be able to do it easily.

Tech savvy users are upset at Google for making this change, but I feel like Google recognizes that this will make things a lot easier on non tech savvy users; this in turn will make things easier for those of us responsible for tech suport of these non tech savvy users!  =)


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