Swype For Android Available For Download

Happy Holidays!!!

Swype is once again available as a beta download, this time with support for more devices.  Like the last time it became available, it may just be for a limited time, so make sure to download it before it’s too late.  It’s free, and you can always remove it if you don’t like it.

How to get it…
1.  click on this link  http://beta.swype.com/android/
2.  register a username/password & the email address your phone is associated with
3.  swype will send you an email…click on it
4.  this will bring up a webpage on your phone where you will enter the username/password you created and you will be given a link to download the swype application directly to your phone.

*if you haven’t already enabled non-market apps to be installed on your phone, then the swype installer will ask you to change your settings…a little button will pop up where you can change the setting and you will be all set to return to the installer (by hitting the back button).

*at this point, swype will be installed on your phone, but it won’t be the default way to input text yet…so you’re just gonna see the same keyboard you’ve had all this time.  how to enable the swype keyboard?   open up any application where you can type text (ex. email)…in any of the text fields, just press and hold until a window pops up that says “Input Method”…click on that…you will see that “Android keyboard” is the one currently selected…but you want to use swype, so click on the “Swype” option.  Now you are all set!  Congratulations on your new keyboard and get swyping!!!


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