Crappy Sprint Reception At Home? –> Get A Free Signal Booster!

Having recently activated my Sprint phones, I’ve been testing out the reception wherever I go.  The reception is actually pretty great when I’m out and about(5-6 bars), but unfortunately I’m finding that at home my reception STINKS(0-1 bar + the phone switches to roaming mode on occasion).

I called Sprint and they said I could get an at home Signal Booster called an Airave.

Normally an Airave Signal Booster costs $99 for the unit, and comes with a recurring monthly charge of $4.99.  However, if you are experiencing signal problems, you can call Sprint customer service and they will send you out the Airave unit free of charge AND they can waive the recurring monthly charge. They said that they usually waive the Airave $99 charge, but I’m not sure about the monthly recurring fee.  They said that for instances like mine, where I’m a new customer and still within the 30 day trial period, then they are able to waive the $4.99 fee EVERY MONTH. ( I don’t know if that means that if you are a old customer and having problems, then they will or won’t waive the fee.)

All in all, a pretty sweet deal to get your own personal cell tower free of charge.


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