Sprint Is Shady

As you may know I’ve been in the process of switching my mobile service from T-Mobile to Sprint.  It is a long, harrowing tale of lies, deception, and cruelty that spans 4+ hours of talking with Sprint customer service, but I will spare you the details and just give you the highlight of events.

1.  Sprint announces that they will release the Samsung Epic 4g.
2.  I contact Sprint to find out what kind of discount I can get.
3.  They tell me I am eligible for 23% discount off my entire monthly bill (excluding taxes & surcharges)
4.  Once the Epic 4g comes out, I decide I will switch to Sprint
5.  I call Sprint to re-confirm the discount and what my monthly bill will be.  I am assured that it is the 23% off the entire monthly bill as stated previously.  They tell me to get my numbers released from T-Mobile.
6.  I purchase my phones from Amazon.com on a special Sprint promotion where they are offering free activation on all lines activated by 9/13/10.
7.  I end my service with T-Mobile.
8.  I activate my Sprint phones over the phone, and they confirm a 3rd time that I will be receiving the 23% off the entire bill.
9.  2 days later I get an email from Sprint, welcoming me, and stating my discount.  However, it states that the discount ONLY applies to the base plan (which is $129.99), not any of my additional lines or premium data charges (which total $49.98).
10.  I call Sprint to inquire about this.  They tell me that that information is wrong and that the discount will apply to the entire bill.   However, their billing system was down, so they said to call back later to confirm.
11.   I call back the next day and they tell me that there was a change in policy on August 1,2010, and the discount is in fact only applicable to the base plan.  Oh yea, and when they itemize my bill for me, they mention that I was charged $144 for the activation of all 4 of my lines.
12.  By this time I am hopping mad because not only am I being screwed out of a discount that they confirmed 3x for me, but they are also trying to tell me that they don’t ever activate phones for free unless they are bought through the Sprint website.
13.  I go through several escalations in people to get my activation fees waived, and all they can do is put a note in my file to request for the activation fee to be waived…and IF it is approved, then I should see a credit applied in the next 2 billing cycles.
14.  I’m then transferred through another round of people to discuss the 23% discount issue.  This story ends with Sprint basically saying, you were given wrong information from our representatives and there is nothing we can do about it.  We realize you’ve gone  through a lot of trouble to transfer your family plan from T-Mobile to Sprint, but we do not offer any courtesy adjustments.

All this just seems super shady to me.  I understand that if there is a change in policy and they aren’t able to make the discount apply to the whole bill because of how their “system” is programmed…but having recognized that their representatives were giving out misinformation, and that I switched from T Mobile to Sprint based on the discount information I was provided, I figured that they should at least be able to make a courtesy adjustment as compensation.  Sadly, I was just told by the highest possible escalation agent that no matter how high the issue is escalated, noone is allowed to give any adjustment.  And here’s the kicker…The agent said that when agents say they are going to escalate an issue to a supervisor, they are only doing this to make the customer feel like they are going to get something.  However, none of these agents are empowered to do anything for the customer.  They are just there to keep telling you they can’t do anything, and that they can escalate the issue again.  This cycle keeps happening until the customer eventually gives up.  When you think about it, I doubt that any of these people are actually supervisors in any sense.  Oh, and if you think that recording the name/employee id# of the agent you talk to will help in any way, it doesn’t.  It appears as if the “NOW Network” should actually have been named the “NO Network.”  It’s no wonder that Sprint is considered the lowest tier provider out of the 4 major U.S. carriers.


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  1. Posted by richard y on September 27, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    you need to write the CEO. and take it to the blogs.


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