Samsung Swype Text Input Is Amazing

I think we’ve all seen these commercials by Samsung, claiming that “Swype” has broken the record for fastest text messaging.  At first I thought it was a total gimmick and not something I’d ever use on a practical bases…but after trying it in person, I am a believer and would choose it over the traditional touchscreen input method of tapping individual letters any day.  Samsung has only loaded this “Swype” keyboard on select Android phones for now, but hopefully all Android phones will be able to rejoice in “Swyping.”

The only caveat this recommendation comes with is that Swype is only beneficial to people who know where keys are on a keyboard so that you can rapidly go from one letter to the next.  If you have to hunt and peck for every letter, then Swype can actually slow you down, because your finger will be blocking you from seeing some keys.

*note:  This post was written with the Swype Keyboard!

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