The G2 Is Coming Soon To T Mobile!

The G1 was the first Google Android phone in the world.  G1 users on T-mobile have been anxiously waiting for a worthy successor for almost 2 years now.  Up to this point, there haven’t really been any worthy successors.  We’ve seen mediocre phones like the Hero, the MyTouch 3G, and the Cliq pass us by, but despite what D Wade and Charles Barkley say, none of those phones were that much better (if at all) than our G1.

Enter the G2.  With a 3.7″ screen, Snapdragon processor, physical keyboard, 5megapixel camera with LED flash/HD video recorder, 3.5mm headphone jack (it’s about time), Swype text input, oh and it’s designed to work the the super fast HSPA+ network (supposedly equivalent to 4G speeds), the G2 represents what most of us G1 fans have been waiting for.  Same style phone, but with a fast processor.  And it definitely doesn’t hurt that the design looks pretty slick as well!

I’d say my only gripes with this phone are:  1.  on the keyboard,they combined the top row of numbers with the top row of letters, so now you have to hit an alt key or whatever to type #’s (a trend that’s becoming popular, but I don’t like);  2. the processor, while being a fast Snapdragon processor, is only 800Mhz (high end android phones usually have 1Ghz processors like the HTC Incredible, the Droid 2, the Epic, etc.).  Although if the sacrifice in CPU speed means a dramatic increase in battery life, while not affecting the speed of the phone by much, then I’m all for that.

The bottom line:   If T-Mobile was offering data plans that were as good as Sprint, then this would probably be my next phone.  However, given that I do have some small gripes with the phone, and the fact that 4 phones with a data plan on Sprint costs the same as only 1 phone with a data plan on T-Mobile, I’m sticking with my decision to get the Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint.  I’m sorry G1!  You have served me well!


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