Apple’s New iPod Touch – Some Nice Updates, BUT Beware Of The Crappy Camera on The Back!

Apple released several new updates to their iPod lines today (a new shuffle, nano, touch), but the iPod Touch was the most anticipated.

While adding some pretty nice updates (high resolution display, microphone, back and front facing cameras, a4 processor), it was a pretty big disappointment to find that the back facing camera can ONLY take pictures at 960×720 resolution. This is much lower resolution than your typical point & shoot camera, and even the iPhone 4.  This may not be a big issue to some people, but for those of us hoping to lighten our pocket loads by combining our camera with our media player, this was a big disappointment. Most people will call me ungrateful because the other features more than justify this as a worthy iPod Touch update, and it’s hard to argue with that.  These features are all very flashy and the media will praise them for creating the best iPod Touch ever.  But I’m certain that there are a good number of us who would gladly trade all these features for a decent camera so we can stop having to carry 2 devices around (iPod and camera).  But hey, I guess you gotta give customers incentive to keep buying the iPhone 4.

My personal grievances aside…I am concerned that Apple will be deceiving many customers into thinking that the camera actually is decent. Apple has cleverly/sneakily made the iPod Touch camera resolution the same as the resolution for the iPod Touch itself.  That means that when people take a picture with the iPod Touch, and then look at it on the iPod Touch, the picture will look amazing because the resolutions will match.  However, once you view the low resolution picture on a high resolution computer monitor or try to print out the picture, it won’t look nearly as good as you were expecting.

The microphone addition is pretty awesome though, because it makes it even more convenient to convert an iPod Touch into an iPhone substitute for use on non-AT&T networks (with peripherals like the Peel )


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