Switch To Sprint With Me!

So the Epic 4G comes out today and I’m all set to switch to Sprint.  All I have to do now is get out of my T Mobile contract.

Here is the awesome deal I am getting, and you can too!

Family Unlimited Data/Text Plan
-$140 for 4 Phones  (this includes a 17% discount*)
-unlimited data & text
-1500 anytime minutes
-free calling to ANY mobile phone on ANY network

*discount:  Basically anyone can get a 17% discount if they ask for it.  You just have to come up with an affiliation to SOMETHING.  I used my student status at a University to get the discount.  Most likely Sprint has an affiliation to some group that you belong to so it shouldn’t be a problem.  Your group may likely get an even better discount than 17%!  But if you absolutely can’t think of any legitimate affiliation, then just say you are a student.  They did not ask me for proof of any kind to ensure I was a university student.

Financially, this seems like a no-brainer if you have 3+ people on your plan.  I currently pay $140 to have 4 people on a family plan on T Mobile and we only have ONE data plan.  For the same price on Sprint, all 4 of us get to have data plans.

But of course you should take into consideration your individual needs and coverage areas.

*UPDATE: On August 1, 2010, Sprint  changed their policy and became more strict with discounted pricing.  The discount now only applies to the first 2 lines of service of the monthly plan.  Additional lines you add no longer qualify for the discount, nor do premium data charges for 4G phones like the Epic and Evo.  It should also be noted that Sprint will take the name of the person asking for the discount and confirm that they are eligible to receive a discount through their affiliated university or work.  However, the nice thing is that the person applying for the discount no longer has to be the primary account holder.  He/she can just be one of the members of the family plan.  So really, it seems like you can just give the name of anyone you know at a university and the discount should be valid.


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