Apple’s iPhone Response Is Like A Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Know How To Apologize

Apple’s response to the iPhone 4 fiasco is reminiscient of a guy who is obviously in the wrong, but doesn’t want to admit fault to his girlfriend.  Instead he’d rather offer excuses, justify why he thinks he did nothing wrong, and point fingers at everyone else but himself.

I held off on commenting about this situation for the past 2 weeks because I thought Apple should be given time to address problems on a phone that’s been out for less than a month.  However, after listening to their official press conference response, I am once again left with disappointment in a company I used to have great respect for.  Honestly, Apple could have come out smelling like a rose if they had just issued a statement acknowledging the antenna problem, that they were doing everything they could to fix it, and that they will provide a temporary free solution in the form of a case.  That would have been the classy thing to do, and everyone would have respected them for it.

However, Apple instead chose to shy away from admitting fault and tried to divert our attention away from the problem with comments like these…

-“The iPhone 4 is perhaps the best product we’ve ever made at Apple. We’ve sold well over 3 million since we launched it 3 weeks ago. It’s been judged the number 1 smartphone”
-“It has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any iPhone and any smartphone out there.”
-(referring to cell phone testing rooms)…”We do a lot of testing.  This is an actual device we test in. And here’s our biggest room right here.  You have to build these rooms or you don’t get accurate results. This is a state of the art facility. We’ve invested over $100 million on this. We have 17 anechoic chambers.  We have 18 PhD scientists and engineers”
-“People are reporting better reception with this antenna than they’ve ever seen before”
-“We care about every user”
-“On July 30th, we’re going to bring the iPhone to 17 more countries”

They hid the real problem behind all this fluff.

But what’s worse than this diversion is that Apple went on to point fingers at other phones from other companies (HTC, Blackberry, Samsung), saying that their phones were just as susceptible as the iPhone.  They showed pictures of each of these phones and depicted how you could make the reception drop when holding the phone similar to the “deathgrip” of the iPhone.  However, take a look at how the Non-Apple phones are being gripped.  The person holding the phone is obviously trying to smother the phone, gripping it so tight, u can see the fat/muscles in his hand bulging over the sides of the phone.  Noone holds a phone like that.  It’s no surprise that reception can drop when you intentionally try to do that.

The issue with the iPhone is that a single finger can cause reception to drop and data transmission to slow to a snail’s pace.  A normal grip of the iPhone is what is causing problems.  And it’s these PR tactics that have left me disappointed in Apple.  If you’re wrong, say you’re wrong.  Provide a solution and stop there.  Don’t point fingers at other people and don’t try to trick people into thinking that other phones are just as susceptible as the iPhone.  You are only insulting your customers.  If you do care about every user like you say, then just be honest with us.

Picture taken from engadget.


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