The 3G iPad Bait & Switch (AT&T Kills Unlimited Wireless Data Plan)

Buyer beware of the 3G iPad Bait & Switch.

If you remember when the iPad was announced, Apple proudly announced that they had secured a magical deal with AT&T for their 3G iPad…$29.99 a month for unlimited 3G data.  This was quite a bargain compared to what networks charge for unlimited 3G data for laptops/netbooks, and this was a huge selling point for people to buy the iPad 3G…People were drooling over the idea that they could stream countless videos (ex. netflix), music (ex. pandora), etc anywhere they had a 3G connection.

Until now.
AT&T just announced that they’ve killed the unlimited wireless data plan.  Here are the new data plan options
-DataPlus plan:  $15/month = 200MB (add another $15 per every 200MB increment after)
-DataPro plan:  $25/month = 2GB (add another $10 per every 1GB increment after)

*wrap-up:  I’m not saying this should prevent you from buying an iPad.  This is just a heads up to anyone who was planning on using a lot of data on an iPad.  It might be a better idea to just get a regular iPad (WiFi only, not 3G) and use some kind of tethering solution (ex. Sprint’s 4G Overdrive)

read more at Gizmodo

*note: customers already on the unlimited plan can stay on it.  This is a bait & switch in the sense that Apple promoted this plan with their iPad 3G release, and now unsuspecting customers who don’t know about the changes are in for a surprise.


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  1. A few observations:

    * I suspect that Apple heavily frowns on this new pricing scheme. Sure, wifi can help induce web browsing, but it definitely detracts from the value proposition of getting a 3G equipped iPad thus removing the incremental profit margin Apple expected to receive from these sales. Granted, the downside for a user who is a heavy data user is $35 ($25 for 2GB + $10 for anything in excess) versus $30, it provides another adoption hurdle.

    * This pricing scheme really stifles the potential of mobile browsing, connectivity, and interaction. Sadly, this feels like a regression to the old days…

    * The 200MB cut-off was probably cleverly derived from analyzing usage behavior to find that most people slightly exceed the 200MB mark, prompting them to either 1) incurr over-usage fees of $15 more dollars, or 2) upgrading to a 2GB plan.


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