Pick Up Some Handy HDMI Adapters Today On Woot

Woot is having a good deal on some pretty handy HDMI adapters.  If you’ve run into either of the 2 problems below, I’d consider picking some of these up.  I just did.  =)  Remember, it’s 2 for Tuesday, so that means whatever you buy, you get one free.  Woooooooot!

2 Problems (with answers)
1.  If you’ve ever dealt with HDMI cables, you know they can be extremely stiff.  This can be a problem if it doesn’t have a straight path to the back of your DVD player or TV…because you’ll end up either putting a ton of strain on the cable, or undue wear on the port.
(–> buy the Coupler (Female to Female Adapter))

2.  If you need to extend an HDMI cable to a longer length.
(–> buy the Port Saver (Male to Female Adapter))



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