CloudApp = the easiest way to share files with others

CloudApp is the easiest method I’ve ever used to share images, music, videos, and files. Now instead of sending attachments in emails, Cloud App gives me a website link to give to friends and they can download the files from there.   You really just have to try it to understand how awesome it is.

Here’s the process…
1.  Download/install CloudApp
2.  Drag a file you want to share into the CloudApp menu icon
3.  The file is uploaded and CloudApp assigns the file a web address
4.  CloudApp automatically tells your computer what the web address is, so now you just have to “Paste” (ctrl + V) into a message to your friend, and he/she can download the file.

***Reading these steps makes the process seem longer than it is…it’s actually a ridiculously easy 2 stepsdrag a file into cloud app, and then “paste” (ctrl + V) the address to a friend. So easy,  a caveman could do it.

Cloud App


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  1. I like using Pando for this same purpose. Just as easy, except you receive an email to download.


    • I like the idea of the P2P file transfer that pando offers, but the solution as a whole seems less elegant, and more complicated than CloudApp to me.

      CloudApp generates a web url for your file (group of files). You paste that into an email, IM, or website and friends click on it to immediately download. With pando, doesn’t the person downloading the file need to have pando installed? Please correct me if that’s inaccurate.


      • I think you raise an interesting point. CloudApp is great for unilateral file transfer, and is so easy to use. Pando was so, 2009, but I liked Pando because by having others download Pando, it helped increased usage of the service, creating a greater community. But, it seems like CloudApp simplifies it even more so.

        But it seems like it’s only for Macs!

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