It’s A Great Time To Buy An Android Device. Flash on Android Looks Amazing!

Android is growing up in a big way.  Aside from it’s app store that is increasing in apps at an exponential rate, the newest update to Android (code named:  Froyo) is bringing Flash support to its web browser.  This means that Android users will be able to enjoy the FULL web, and not a stripped down version of the web as seen on iPhones and iPads.

Apple’s marketing team has done an absolutely superb job convincing(conning?) the public that the iPhone & iPad offer the ultimate browsing experience.  Their website boldly claims that the “iPad is the best way to experience the web.”    However, without support for Flash, this simply is not true.  Over 90% of websites today use Flash technology in some form on their web pages (remember that Flash does not just refer to video!).  Sure, Apple products support HTML 5, which is the direction that the web is heading, but the majority of current websites are not HTML 5 ready, and will not be for some time, leaving you with limited access to web content.  And this is what makes it a great time to buy Android.  Android will support Flash AND HTML5.  This ensures you can view all your websites NOW and in the future.

This news is actually not new, and plans for Flash on Android have been cooking for a while now.  However, people (including myself) had doubts on how Flash would run on a mobile device like Android…until now.  We get our first glimpse into what Flash content looks like on Android, and it looks amazing!

Click here to watch a video of Flash in action on the Google Nexus One Android phone.

On a side note…an iPhone/iPad user might say, who cares about Flash?  If, for example, I want to watch an episode of The Office, there’s an NBC app for that.  I just download the app, and then I can watch the videos.  But isn’t this redundant?  Wouldn’t it be easier for everybody if you could just go to and watch episodes like you would on your desktop computer?  Why should you have to download a special app to do something?  That means you’re going to have a NBC app, a CBS app, an ABC app, a BBC app etc.  Sure, you can have an app for everything, but do you really want that?  Plus do you want to have to wait for websites to develop apps for the iPad to view your content?  Websites will have to spend thousands of dollars to create an iPhone app and then wait to see if it even gets approved by the app store.  As for myself, I’d rather just be able to use my browser and go to the website.  Maybe that’s just me…


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