Need A Good Reason To Quit Facebook? Here’s 10.

Gizmodo published an awesome list of the top ten reasons you should QUIT FACEBOOK.  I’ve already been on the fence about deactivating my facebook account due to a variety of issues (ex. breaches in privacy, security, an unscrupulous company), and this list is just the kick in the pants I needed to free myself from Zuckerburg.  Who’s with me?

Here’s a quick preview.  Click the link below for the full article.
“10.  Facebook’s Terms Of Service are completely ONE-sided
9. Facebook’s CEO has a documented history of unethical behavior
8. Facebook has flat out declared war on privacy

7. Facebook is pulling a classic bait-and-switch

6. Facebook is a bully

5. Even your private data is shared with applications

4. Facebook is not technically competent enough to be trusted

3. Facebook makes it incredibly difficult to truly delete your account

2. Facebook doesn’t (really) support the Open Web
1. The Facebook application itself sucks”



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