Hate Resizing Windows On Mac? Try Cinch.

Let’s be honest.  I love using my Mac, but windows management on Mac OS stinks.  Resizing and maximizing windows makes me want to pull my fur out.  Windows 7 came out with an awesome (and unbelievably useful) way to resize/maximize windows called Aero Snap.  If you drag a window all the way to the right of the screen, it automatically resizes it to the right half of the screen; and it does the same if u drag a window to the left.  This allows you to arrange 2 windows so they are side by side one another and exactly the same size.  Perfect for viewing documents, web pages, etc. side by side.  Also, if you drag a window to the top of the screen it automatically maximizes that window.

Mac users have been envious of this since Windows 7 was released, contemplating why this elegant feature was lacking in Mac OS, the most “advanced operating system in the world”…but Apple users can now share the same joy as their Windows brethren by downloading Cinch.  This app gives the same features as Windows’ Aero Snap mentioned above.

There’s a free (nagware) version or a paid $7 version.  Get resizing!

Here’s how…
1.  Download Cinch
2.  Install Cinch
3.  Select whether you want Cinch to start automatically when your computer boots up (if no, then you just run the application to turn it on)
4.  Get resizing! Drag left/right to split screen…Drag up to maximize.  Awesome!!!
5.  Nagware vs. register (a reminder window will pop up every once in a while to ask you to either pay for a license or continue with the demo version.  your choice!)

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