Check What’s In Stock Near You With Google’s Updated “Product Search/Shopping”

Mountain View is on a roll these days!  Their Product Search (Shopping) just got more awesome on your iPhone, Android, or Palm phone.  When you google an item, it not only shows current prices, but also nearby stores where it’s in stock.

How do you use this?
1.  google an item in the search bar
(ex.  monster beats dre headphones)

2.  select “more” to get to the “shopping” section
3.  this brings up a list of product matches with prices…look for the Blue Dot next to “In Stock Nearby”

4. click on “In Stock Nearby” and voila!  go pick up your item at one of the listed locations.
*note:  for now local inventories are only displayed for stores that have signed up with google…but more will be on the way everyday.


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