Check Out These Top 10 Android Apps

For you Android fans, consider installing some of Lifehacker’s list of Top 10 Android Apps…

10.  Layar (augmented reality browswer)
9.  Listen (podcast app)
8.  Anycut (create shortcuts for one-click access to everything in your phone’s settings)
7.  Secrets (master-password-locked vault for all your passwords)
6.  Taskkiller (quit runnign apps)
5.  Slidescreen (improve your homescreen!)
4.  Shopper (answers the “Can I buy this cheaper” question by scanning product barcodes or covers)
3.  PDAnet (tethering solution)
2.  WaveSecure (can locate a phone with GPS or text message triangulation, perform a total and complete remote wipe of your phone if lost, and much more)
1.  Astro File Manager (navigate files on your SD card and accessible internal memory, own built-in task killer, backs up applications, can send files as email attachments)


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