My Gear (Netbook): Mac OS on a PC = Hackintosh Netbook

Thanks to Gizmodo, I turned a Dell Mini 9 Netbook into a 9″ Portable Mac, aka a Hackintosh Netbook.For $249, this is the cheapest Mac that money can buy.  And at 2.28lbs and only 1.07¨, I can toss this thing in my pack and forget it’s even there; and since it’s so cheap, I don’t have to stress about breaking it, getting it wet, or having sand kicked in it.  It’s also awesome for bringing your flash videos (ex. youtube, hulu, etc) or video chats from room to room in your house or to your local tea house without missing a beat.

9″ Screen
Mac OS 10.5
32GB Solid State Hard Drive

Visit Gizmodo for their awesome guide for how to set this up.

Would I still buy this today?
Probably not.  The successor to the Dell Mini 9 is the Mini 10.  I don’t have a Mini 10, but I think that’s the way to go now.  Better keyboard, bigger screen, and still capable of installing Mac OS 10.6 better than any other netbook.  Gizmodo also has a guide for how to do this. Enjoy!


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