My Gear (HEADPHONES): Monster Beats By Dr. Dre

Monster is notorious for overcharging for products that are the same, if not lower quality than competitors’.  So when these headphones first came out, I thought they were all hype.  But that all changed when I happened to demo them in Fry’s one day.

Here’s what I like…
1.  super comfortable on my ears
2.  music sounds amazing (you can feel the music if that makes any sense)
3.  collapsible design (so you can stow them on the go)
3.  detachable cord (so if I accidentally yank the cord and break it, the headphones aren’t useless…i can just go replace the cord)

Here’s what I don’t like so much…
1.  requires 2 AAA batteries, whether you want noise cancelling on or not
2.  easily broken hinge? i’ve had no problems so far, but there’s no shortage of ppl complaining about this on the net.

Would I still buy this today?
Short answer yes.  But these headphones are very expensive by my standards.  If these weren’t a gift, I don’t know if i could have spent so much on headphones by myself.  But now that I have them, they have been awesome for my daily bus commute, airplane rides, and working at coffee shops, and I don’t see a worthy successor for these yet…


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