Facebook. The product of lying, cheating, and stealing?

Need another reason to boycott Facebook?

There’s no denying that Mark Zuckerberg has accomplished a huge feat with one of the largest social networks in the world.

But at what cost?  I guess things like this are common in the business world, but do we really want our friends and family connected by something that started this way, not to mention all our personal information at this guy’s mercy?  If this story proves true…I don’t.

Here’s some quotes from the alleged story…

1.  “We can talk about that after I get all the basic functionality up tomorrow night.”
(Mark was allegedly recruited  to build a site.)
2.  “They made a mistake haha. They asked me to make it for them.”
(Mark allegedly stalled on the development of the site, while he developed his own site.)
3.  “I’m going to f*** them.”

There’s also this…
Mark apparently hacked into the email accounts of Harvard Crimson editors using data obtained from Facebook logins.

Gizmodo reports the full story.


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